Gmail saves my email

Gmail For Your Domain makes it possible for me to get mail at my domain again. I’ve enjoyed having an account that doesn’t get 98% spam, so I don’t check the old account as often, but it sure is nice to be able to get message from folks that still use the old address. Thanks Gmail!

Gmail offers beta testing for domains!

Just when I thought that I may never be able to use our domain name for email again, I noticed that gmail began offering service to domains as part of a beta program. I’ve enjoyed my personal gmail account and it’s been a great help, so I’m very excited about this offer. Don’t start using my old email addresses yet, but maybe in the future I’ll be able to get email here again. Yeah Gmail!!

The Frog is Gone

Blue Security announced today that they will no longer pursue their anti-spam Blue Frog program. See CastleCop’s Blue Security Forum for more information. If you installed Blue Frog you should uninstall it now.

Spammers still sending Nasty Grams

Our email is still being Shanghaied by spammers sending “Nasty Grams” with our domain name forged in the header as the ‘from’ address. (Looks like this could be a long siege).

[edited: removed blue frog link as the frog is dead :(]

Still in Limbo

We’re still not able to get email sent to us at our domain. If you’re trying to contact me, check the “about” page for current contact information.

Spammers Gone Crazy!

Thank you everyone who has contacted us regarding the spoofed emails being sent with our domain name forged in the headers. We too have been inundated with junk messages. While I would like nothing better than to stop this spam, the emails are not being sent from our server.

This appears to be the work of spammers who are not happy with the success of Blue Security’s Blue Frog Opt-Out Software. Blue Security has been under heavy DDoS attack, but the site is coming back up and “Fred” is reporting again!

See CastleCop’s Blue Security Forum for more details and ongoing news.

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