No. 2 Stays…

Even moving  No. 2 to a different larger container didn’t helped her stop crying.  Decided to let her go back to the wild. I opened the container and the garage door and slowly she crept out and went directly to the large cage, then under the water heater. sigh…

No. 2, No. 1, and Mama

No. 2, No. 1, and Mama

Garage doors open, feeding her wild brother and sister cats outside, and still No. 2 has decided to stay in the garage and sit next to the cage with the other two cats. (You can see the glowing eyes in the shadow on top of the box at the left side of the picture). She’s still too shy to actually get close enough to move her into the cage. I left the door open on a couple occations to let mama cat out, and she too has decided to stay.

I thought releasing the cats would be the easy part…

Kitties recuperating

Note: Since the kitties won’t tell us their names we’ve numbered them. (Yes, this is a feeble attempt to resist feline slavery and to avoid falling under their command).

Number 1  is joined by mama cat.. Both are recovering from “fixing”. Number 2, number 1’s sister is also back from the vet in a separate carrier.

mama and number 1

mama and number 1

Number 1 shows real signs of being adoptable.

Number 1...he's so cute!

Number 1...he's so cute!

Mama was added to the cage with number 1 and besides throwing cat litter everywhere, seems to be doing well. Number 2, is crying and there is a chorus of little soon to be fixed kitties caroling outside the garage door. Maybe some eggnog will get them to stop… hmmm.

Bob Barker would be proud…

It’s feral cat rescue season for us this year. We have a neighborhood cat family living close by, and since we started feeding the Mama cat, and then her kittens, we’ve taken on the role of Cat Fixer.

Here’s a photo of the group eating dinner:


Kitties in the wild

After looking for pre-made cages, I searched online for building instructions and found some that worked out really well at How to Build a Cat Cage. (Thanks Isaac for taking the time to post step by step instructions). This is what our cage looks like:

Our feral cat cage

Our feral cat cage

Another view of the cat cage with added door

Another view of the cat cage with added door

This week we started trapping and having the kitties spayed and neutered. It’s going better than we expected.

Check back for updates…this looks like what we’ll be doing for Christmas and maybe into the new year.

*For those of you who never saw or have forgotten The Price is Right, Bob Barker always ended the show with “…and remember, please have your pets spayed and neutered…or something along those lines…it’s been a long time since I saw the show.

Moose-chief and Moose-ik in Berkeley

I had a really moose-tastic time at the Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers house concert in Santa Rosa last week. They’re playing one more concert here in the bay area Tuesday, August 19th, at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. Here’s the latest Moose-ive from BMUZ…

Hello from your favorite Swedish, Old Time, Groove Monster Moose band, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers!  The west coast has treated us magnificently and we have one more show for you before we head on back to Boston.

For those in the area, we are happy to invite everybody and anybody out to our show tomorrow at the Freight and Salvage in Berkley, CA. We’ll be playing a mixture of groovy world fiddle tunes and our favorite original and traditional songs in the way that only Blue Moose and the UBZ does!

The Freight and Salvage is located at
1111 Addison St. (off of University)
Berkley, CA

Maybe I’ll see you there…

One Butt Playing

While Benjamin Zander is speaking of classical music, the principles he discusses have applications for just about everything I do in life. Beautiful and inspiring. Great primer for learning to listen to and appreciate music too!

Link to TED Talks with Benjamin Zander

Updated site coming soon…

I found that, yes, you can use WordPress to create a web site, but maybe for us it’s not so great. Since this has become Barry’s blog and Barry isn’t even posting very regularly, the site will be updated to have more relevant information and this blog will continue as Barry’s eclectic and not so regularly updated place on the web.

New site coming soon…or at least soon after I finish up just this one more project….

Force PDF to download from web server

How to Force a PDF to download using Apache

Simple solution. Thanks for the help.

Music practice software

I recently joined the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers and was looking for software to slow down music so I could learn it more easily. I found an open source project called BestPractice. Initial test looks really good!

Changing the date on digital photos

Does your camera sometimes tag your images with the wrong date? Once in while, my digital camera will decide to go back in time and after taking a series of photos, I’ll notice that the date in the EXIF data is all set for 1999, the date the camera was released. (I know my camera is aging, but it’s been a good friend and I really like it).

I started using Picasa for storing and sharing images online. One of the features of the desktop software was the ability to sort images by album and by date, which caused those incorrectly tagged images to show up chronologically delayed and made them difficult to locate. I searched for ways to change the date in batches since I didn’t want to have to edit each photo individually. I found a few scripts that could help, but it all seemed way to difficult.

Turned out the solution was right there in Picasa. I noticed this weekend when I was posting some very out of date photos that there is an option to change the date of the album by double clicking the album folder and choosing the correct date from the drop down calendar provided. It was so simple.

Happy date correcting!

Campaign Update from Dr. Ron Paul

Use fieldset tag to place a border around your text

A simple easy to use tag to highlight a special paragraph or section…

Use the <fieldset> tag:

Drawing a box around your data couldn’t be easier, just use the <fieldset> tag. The <legend> element defines a caption for a fieldset. I saw this in a recent email and wanted to know how the effect was accomplished…it’s a neat way to highlight an important element and easy to use.

Update: Not sure if this will validate correctly on your web pages, it looks like it was designed to be used to group form data. I was impressed that the effect wasn’t wiped out in my email client. Use with care.

Gambling sites set odds for the Iowa Caucus

Internet gambling sites set odds on Ron Paul placing third in Iowa and New Hampshire. With the Iowa caucus we’ll find out soon. Third would be great, but first would be better!

Learn more about Ron Paul at

Ron Paul: Bursting the dam!

From our Revolutionary brothers and sisters in Norway:

Why we did the Ron Paul Rally in Oslo.
Rally for Ron Paul wherever you are!
Call to action.
Drops that burst the dam.

See the video at the Paulenteer.

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Bears Empty Pot For Americans

Strange title, great story!

I’ve read quite a few posts from people saying the title was unfortunate or bad. I think the title is very appropriate. After reading the parable in the article, the title will make sense.

Get the full story at Long Island News.

Remove annoying ads in Yahoo mail

I’ve been so annoyed about the overwhelming advertising in my AT&T Yahoo! mail box that I only check my personal mail there a couple times a week. The mail is part of a paid account, and even if it were free, I wouldn’t tolerate the flashing, rotating, pulsing, and did I mention ANNOYING advertising?

Well, I think I’ve found the solution…at least if you use Firefox. First install the Firefox add-on Greasemonkey, then add the user script Yahoo Mail Cleaner. No more nasty, annoying ads!

Stop being afraid of your mail! Make Yahoo! Mail Ads disappear.

Of course, I now use iGoogle as my default home page and rarely use Yahoo Mail anymore. So Yahoo! Mail Ads worked really well to get me over to Google and Gmail for all my browsing and email needs. Bye Yahoo.

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