How to add a link to your post in WordPress

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While the WordPress Codex is great for detailed information on how to use WordPress, it seems a little confusing to some users who just want to know how to do a simple task, like adding a hyperlink.

WordPress makes it easy to create posts and updates to your blog without having to read much…it pretty much just makes sense. Exactly what you want if you’re not into web design or programming, but want to update your site yourself.

One question I hear often from users is, “How do I add a link when I write a post?”

It seems like a simple thing to ask, and it’s not difficult once you understand the process.
So here we go, How to Add a Link When You Write a Post:

  1. Select the text that you want to use for your link.
    Use text, not the actual URL, for your link. It will make it easier for visitors to understand what they’re clicking on and will look better in your posts.

Highlight Text

  1. Click the “Add Link” icon in the editor menu bar (or use the keyboard shortcut “Alt-A”).

Create Link 2 - Click Add Link Button

  1. Paste the URL link address for the site in the text field: Link URL. Click Insert
    Be sure to use the complete address including http:// , you can also fill in the Title field with a Text Description of your link.

Create Link 3 - Add URL and Title

  1. You’re finished!
    It’s that easy to add a link to your blog.

Create Link 4 - Your Finished Link

Happy Linking!


  1. hello - February 23, 2007

    Isn’t this obvious? Did you really spend time to write this guide?

  2. barry - February 24, 2007

    Yes, it’s obvious to me…I received enough questions about how to add a link that it was easier for me to create this short post than respond to each individual.

    I remember trying to learn a basic programming language, all the ‘beginning’ tutorials ignored what was ‘obvious’ and I wasn’t able to grasp the concept until I found a tutorial that really started from the beginning without assuming any previous programming knowledge. Once I understood the obvious, it made sense.

  3. Jürgen - March 17, 2007

    I thinks this is a good post. There are some persons, which dont know that stuff and search for an answer. Go on. Jürgen from Germany 🙂

  4. Rrrandy Wurst - May 13, 2007

    Scenario: You’re on a country road looking for the turn to Smallville. You drive around for an hour, but can’t find a sign as to which side-road it is. Finally, you come to a gas station, stop, and ask the clerk. He says, “Third road on the left.” You ask, “Gee, I wonder why it isn’t marked.” Clerk says, “Hell, it don’t need no marking. Everybody lives around here knows which one it is.”

    So, thanks for the “obvious” explanation on doing links.

    Rrrandy Wurst

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