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Changing the date on digital photos

Does your camera sometimes tag your images with the wrong date? Once in while, my digital camera will decide to go back in time and after taking a series of photos, I’ll notice that the date in the EXIF data is all set for 1999, the date the camera was released. (I know my camera is aging, but it’s been a good friend and I really like it).

I started using Picasa for storing and sharing images online. One of the features of the desktop software was the ability to sort images by album and by date, which caused those incorrectly tagged images to show up chronologically delayed and made them difficult to locate. I searched for ways to change the date in batches since I didn’t want to have to edit each photo individually. I found a few scripts that could help, but it all seemed way to difficult.

Turned out the solution was right there in Picasa. I noticed this weekend when I was posting some very out of date photos that there is an option to change the date of the album by double clicking the album folder and choosing the correct date from the drop down calendar provided. It was so simple.

Happy date correcting!


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