sweet potato pie

Good Eats, Gratitude

It’s that grateful time of year. A time set aside for a day of Thanks. A time to enjoy, or avoid family (I’ve done both over the years)…a time of year when it cools down enough that baking seems like a good idea.

piesDuring this Thanksgiving week I’ve enjoyed making Cranberry and Pear, and Sweet Potato Pies. The Cranberry and Pear pie recipe was a gift from my piano tuner, Stephen “The Piano Doctor”. Email me if you’re looking for a good piano tuner in the Sonoma county area. Stephen’s the best. I remember him kindly every time I bake this pie. It’s so simple and really delicious. (Everyone loved it).

The Sweet Potato Pie idea was induced by a recipe on an episode of Good Eats. (It’s really good that I don’t have cable tv. This was the one food network show I watched when we visited Val’s folks, about “sweet potatoes” and I wanted to make the recipe. I’ll be trying the sweet potato waffles soon too…I could have understood it if the show had been about Chocolate, but Sweet Potatoes?)

We had a wonderful visit with my family. Can’t believe it’s been over fifteen years since we’ve gotten together at Thanksgiving. (I’ve always found it easier to be thankful getting together with a friend, or maybe two, rather than joining the masses traveling on a November holiday).

Wishing you all the best, with many thanks to all our friends and family for being part of our world.


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