Muffins only help marginally… Astrological influences suspected.

Seems I’m not the only one having a tough week. I can relate only too well to my friend Kerry’s views from her recent post. I tried “Muffin Therapy”…you know, eat muffins or other baked treats, add coffee, enjoy. It’s usually good for a short fix, but even that didn’t work this week.

Maybe this is some cosmic joke…

Mercury turned retrograde on October 28, that was the day I decided to plug in the new hardware that seemed to take my main computer into a declining, fatal spiral. I don’t usually think to check my astrology before updating the computer, as I don’t want to believe that planetary alignment can really have a significant effect on my reality. I can only hope that as mercury begins it’s forward transit today or tomorrow, that life will get back into a happy grove. I read it on the Internet, it must be true! mercury retrograde

Everything finally straightens out on December 5, 2006, as he [Mercury] passes the point where he first turned retrograde.

Here’s to December! I’m looking forward to my world getting back in line.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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