How to choose your designer?

Asking a designer how to pick a designer is a little like asking a chef how to pick a restaurant. He probably has an intimate knowledge of the business that could be helpful to you, but he’s also likely to tell you to go to his restaurant. Unless you’re looking for donuts and he runs an Italian Bistro. (Even then, he might suggest the Cannoli or Tiramisu). Now, once you’re at his restaurant, he’s very likely to steer you to the best menu choice.

There are several good sites that have suggestions for choosing a designer. You’ve probably even visited a few. Choosing a designer isn’t like choosing a phone company or internet service provider. It’s not a one time decision you make and then use. Working with a designer you develop a relationship. You’ll be needing help with changes and updates for you site even after the initial design is finished. I get to know what my clients like and mean when they communicate with me. We develop a short hand for working together and sometimes even try mind reading. I do prefer clear communication to make things easier for both us.

Choosing a designer is an important part of starting your website. You need to find someone competent to complete your work, someone who you’ll get along with, and someone who can talk to you in a language you understand.

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