Two for one

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Tonight we got two kittens in one trap. Hope the vet can take an extra kitty tomorrow.


Both kitties in one trap

When I picked up this trap, I thought I had the large white kitten, then I thought, no I’ve got the small one…later found that there were both.

Our current mascot is unimpressed with this entire project. But since she gets to stay in the house, hasn’t given us any trouble with the extras.

Our mascot

Our mascot

Val got mama kitty to move out of the cage yesterday. She’s doing well. Climbing trees, reminding us to feed her. She had to be removed from one of the traps tonight. I guess tuna really is that good.

No. 1 is enjoying the cage all to himself. Both No. 1 & No. 2  played string with me tonight. Looking for places to adopt out these cute little critters. Don’t have your own mascot yet? Send me an email and I’ll see if we can help you.

No. 1 trying to get some rest

No. 1 trying to get some rest

Thus ends today’s feline adventures. Good night.

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