New tires on my XJ1100

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Well, looking at my site today, I noticed I hadn’t posted anything in a month. I’ve heard that blogging is addictive for some, and having a rather compulsive personality, I figured I’d be posting often. Guess this isn’t one of those thing I need to worry about spending all my time doing…

Motorcycling is another story. I look for excuses to get out and ride. I’m glad to have a few people on the coast to stop by and say hello to. A couple weeks ago I picked up a metal ‘thingy’ in my rear tire. Since the front was just about worn as far as was safe I replaced both with new Dunlop Elite 3 tires. I had no idea that it would make such a significant difference in my ride. The tires are broken in nicely and the bike rides smoother and handles better than before.

It’s even easier to find an excuse for a ride. 🙂

When I’m not at my keyboard, I’ll see you on the back roads in Sonoma county!


  1. Jimboreeno - January 4, 2007

    Did a search for tires xj1100 and found this. I have an XJ1100. I too picked up a “thingy” in my back tire. Actually a nail throuogh the edge and out the sidewall, not in the air cavity but it scares me enough to replace it. I had some Dunlop 404’s and didn’t like them but several on the XS/XJ site like the elite’s.
    Are you on the site?
    I Looked around and found a pic or your XJ. Great red XJ1100.
    Take Care

  2. barry - January 4, 2007

    Hi Jim,

    I visit from time to time, and I like to lurk at XJ-Planet too. I don’t speak or read Dutch, didn’t even know there was an site. I still really like the Dunlop 3 Elite tires, they’re a major improvement over the old Dunlops that were on the bike.

    Thanks for stopping by… where’s home for you?

    All the best,

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