Is there a way to remove a word from Chrome’s spell-check dictionary? 

Ever click a misspelled word and added it to your personal dictionary instead of correcting the misspelling? If you’re using Windows 10 with Chrome browser you may find the path to the Custom dictionary in the following location:

In Windows, try adding “default” to that path that Custom Dictionary.txt used to be (or maybe where an old version of the file still resides), i.e:

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Custom Dictionary.txt

Source: (2) Is there a way to remove a word from Chrome’s spell-check dictionary? – Quora

iDNS Domain Registrar Scam (They’re at it again…)

Attention all website/domain owners:

iDNS Scam Letter.

iDNS Scam Letter. Don’t fall for this dubious marketing scam.

A few of our clients have received letters from fraudulent domain registrars. These letters, or “notices”, are often incredibly vague but have a friendly tone that often tricks domain owners into believing the notice is from their current domain registrar. We feel it is important to inform you that while this letter looks official, it is merely a phishing scam disguised as a domain renewal invoice. The companies who send these letters, such as iDNS, attempt to convince you into transferring and renewing your domain using their extremely overpriced services. Not only will they charge you, on average, 3x the market rate for domain name services, but they will also lock you in and make it extremely difficult to be able to switch back to a trusted registrar.

While iDNS will  legitimately renew and/or register a domain for you, their methods for gaining customers is very shady.  By sending these letters, they can often confuse an uninformed holder by reminding them that their domain is expiring and offering a fix to this “problem” before their current registrar has the chance to alert the domain holder of the impending expiration date. Once this domain holder falls victim to the iDNS domain registrar scam by transferring over their domain and giving iDNS their credit card information, iDNS will then lock the domain holder into paying exorbitant amounts of money for services that should be offered for much lower prices.

If you receive a letter from iDNS or any other fraudulent domain registrar, IMMEDIATELY contact us. If your domain is registered with us, we are always aware of domain expiration dates and will contact you if necessary. We offer comprehensive and professional domain registration, as well as managed web services; we would be happy to provide you with the services you need, whether you simply need a domain registered/renewed or if you’re looking to build a new website with said domain. Whatever your needs are, In Touch is here to help.

CISPA is the New SOPA

CISPA is the New SOPA Earlier this year, strong public opposition led by several prominent websites forced Congressional leaders to cancel votes on two bills known in Washington as “SOPA” and “PIPA.”  Both of these bills threatened search engines and websites with possible shutdowns if the Justice Department deemed them insufficiently cooperative with our phony “war on terror,” or if they were merely accused of copyright infringement.  Fortunately the American public flooded Capitol Hill with phone calls and Congressional leaders dropped both bills.

via CISPA is the New SOPA.

Guilty until proven innocent.

The media industry is at it again. They’d like us all to be sitting on the couch consuming, not creating, …and certainly not sharing.

TED Talk by Clay Shirky: Why PIPA & SOPA are a Bad Idea

What can you do?

Call your Representatives. Ask them to “Please don’t break the internet.”

And be ready for more…

How to read articles more easily

Ever try to read an article or blog post online and have trouble seeing through the ads an moving images? Maybe the color scheme is annoying or text size is too small to read comfortably, but the article looks like it might be worth reading? Well, now you can make reading online easier.

I’m a big fan of Evernote and was excited to find a replacement for Readability, Evernote Clearly. After you install your Chrome (or Firefox) extension, you just click on the Clearly icon and the page you’re looking at transforms into something much easier to read. A quick click and your back to the original. You can even save them to your Evernote account and access them later or from other devices.

As it turns out Readability has made some changes since I switched to Evernote Clearly. It also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and it’s now being offered for free. Maybe the rendering speed has even increased. Readability also offers something Clearly doesn’t, export to your Kindle to read there…and it free to use.

Looks like there are two choices now.

Evernote Clearly


20 More Unfortunate Domain Names

A blog post you might consider reading if you’re choosing a domain name, or just need a chuckle.

20 More Unfortunate Domain Names

via » 20 More Unfortunate Domain Names » Unofficial DreamHost Blog.

This is a follow up post to the Top 10 Worst Domain Names


Towel Day Celebration

Don’t panic. Do you know where your towel is?

1. Don't Panic! 2. Bring your towel.If you do, then you must be a really hoopy frood.

Today is the day fans around the globe celebrate the works of science-fiction and comedy writer Douglas Adams. Adams was an English author responsible for several best selling titles, but his most well known book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

via Douglas Adams Fans celebrate Towel Day |

How to make reading online easier with Readability

Check this out.  I really like the Readability app, it’s worked great on the pages I’ve used it.

It cuts out all the visual distractions and let’s you focus on the main text that you want to read. You can read the entire article at the Christian Science Monitor:  How to make reading online easier: Instapaper and Readability –

Two Loose Pegs in Petaluma

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Two Loose Pegs is playing Irish music for a fundraiser for Pam Torliatt on Saturday March 20th. Come see us and enjoy some great Irish music! has the details…and you can probably get tickets at the door if you haven’t ordered them in advance.

Be sure to say Hello when you get there!

Color printing discount

Several years ago, when the local pre-press and print shops I used where closing up shop, I looked around for online print houses to take care of my printing needs. I tried a few and my favorite was It’s been a while since I needed to place a print order and remembered these folks for a new business card order I needed to print. I’ve been happy with all the jobs they’ve printed for me in the past. I’m trying out the matte paper…I’ll try remember to write a review here when they arrive.

I also have a referral code to share with you if you’re a first time customer to you can get $40 off your first order, and I get a credit for being the one who referred you. It’s a win/win. We both save a little on printing costs and get great quality four color printing at a great price—even without the discount!

Get your discount code here:

You don’t even need to be a print professional to get your materials created. They have templates and wizards to guide you through the process. I haven’t tried them myself, but that can save you some money on a designer as well. I’d be happy to help you create a custom piece at a reasonable price. Call me if you need assistance.

Tim Hawkins, The Government Can!

Smile, you’re in good hands!

Playing Music in Santa Rosa

Not! …at least not without a permit!

Last December, when a friend and I went downtown to play Christmas Carols on our fiddles, we were stopped by police on bicycles before we could even get our instruments out of their cases and asked for our permit. The local music store was kind enough to let us play in their private area off the public side walk.

It appears that this is not an isolated incidence and that in fact there is a “noise ordinance” that prohibits playing of musical instruments “…for the purpose of attracting attention by the creation of noise within the City.”  How sad. Hi Aaron, I’d like to sign your petition to overturn the ordinance!

Click here to read about this at the Press Democrat.

A New Anat Baniel Methodsm Practitioner!

Yes, this week I graduated from the Anat Baniel Methodsm Professional Training. There have been many changes over the past two and a half years and my life is so much better and richer because of the time I spent in this training. I’ve made lasting friendships with wonderful people. I can sit at my computer without pain. I can help other people.

As I move into life as an Anat Baniel Methodsm Practitioner, I’m also able to stretch my design skills by helping create websites for my new colleagues. I’m looking forward to developing an online presence for us and bringing this work to the world powerfully. (Anat had so many good ideas it’s going to take me a few days to sort out the best way to proceed. I’ll email everyone when I have the next step and more information. First opportunities will go to those who signed up at the last training).

Thank you all for enriching my life!

Kittens for Valentines

Your Valentine needs a kitten…we can help!

Editor’s note: Okay…so it’s not really a good idea to pick up a pet for your Valentine. Pets take time and attention and need to be carefully considered. If you’ve been thinking adopting and are willing to spend the time needed to give one of these lovable fur-balls a home, contact us. We’ll see if any of our charges are a good fit for your family.

Two for one

Tonight we got two kittens in one trap. Hope the vet can take an extra kitty tomorrow.


Both kitties in one trap

When I picked up this trap, I thought I had the large white kitten, then I thought, no I’ve got the small one…later found that there were both.

Our current mascot is unimpressed with this entire project. But since she gets to stay in the house, hasn’t given us any trouble with the extras.

Our mascot

Our mascot

Val got mama kitty to move out of the cage yesterday. She’s doing well. Climbing trees, reminding us to feed her. She had to be removed from one of the traps tonight. I guess tuna really is that good.

No. 1 is enjoying the cage all to himself. Both No. 1 & No. 2  played string with me tonight. Looking for places to adopt out these cute little critters. Don’t have your own mascot yet? Send me an email and I’ll see if we can help you.

No. 1 trying to get some rest

No. 1 trying to get some rest

Thus ends today’s feline adventures. Good night.

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