Two Loose Pegs in Petaluma

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Two Loose Pegs is playing Irish music for a fundraiser for Pam Torliatt on Saturday March 20th. Come see us and enjoy some great Irish music! has the details…and you can probably get tickets at the door if you haven’t ordered them in advance.

Be sure to say Hello when you get there!

Tim Hawkins, The Government Can!

Smile, you’re in good hands!

Playing Music in Santa Rosa

Not! …at least not without a permit!

Last December, when a friend and I went downtown to play Christmas Carols on our fiddles, we were stopped by police on bicycles before we could even get our instruments out of their cases and asked for our permit. The local music store was kind enough to let us play in their private area off the public side walk.

It appears that this is not an isolated incidence and that in fact there is a “noise ordinance” that prohibits playing of musical instruments “…for the purpose of attracting attention by the creation of noise within the City.”  How sad. Hi Aaron, I’d like to sign your petition to overturn the ordinance!

Click here to read about this at the Press Democrat.

Moose-chief and Moose-ik in Berkeley

I had a really moose-tastic time at the Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers house concert in Santa Rosa last week. They’re playing one more concert here in the bay area Tuesday, August 19th, at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. Here’s the latest Moose-ive from BMUZ…

Hello from your favorite Swedish, Old Time, Groove Monster Moose band, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers!  The west coast has treated us magnificently and we have one more show for you before we head on back to Boston.

For those in the area, we are happy to invite everybody and anybody out to our show tomorrow at the Freight and Salvage in Berkley, CA. We’ll be playing a mixture of groovy world fiddle tunes and our favorite original and traditional songs in the way that only Blue Moose and the UBZ does!

The Freight and Salvage is located at
1111 Addison St. (off of University)
Berkley, CA

Maybe I’ll see you there…

One Butt Playing

While Benjamin Zander is speaking of classical music, the principles he discusses have applications for just about everything I do in life. Beautiful and inspiring. Great primer for learning to listen to and appreciate music too!

Link to TED Talks with Benjamin Zander

Music practice software

I recently joined the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers and was looking for software to slow down music so I could learn it more easily. I found an open source project called BestPractice. Initial test looks really good!

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