Anat Baniel Method training is a GO

I received my official acceptance packet this weekend. I’ll start training with Anat Baniel this January. I’m very excited!

For those of you who know me only through my computer and web design work, I’ve also been doing bodywork for the past 15 years. The training schedule will allow my to continue with my current work load and will increase my ability to help my bodywork clients. If you work at a computer, I’d recommend looking at the Desk Trainer site and trying one of the free exercise lessons. This will give you a glimpse of the work I’m planning to learn.

As part of my student training, I’ll be looking for people to teach group Transformational Movement LessonsSM and hands on Functional SynthesisSM lessons. Let me know if you’re interested in being added to my list and I’ll keep you posted.

A Visit to Anat Baniel’s Class

I was able to sit in on a class at the Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais Professional Training yesterday. I wanted to get a feel for the class and teaching and see if it was a fit for me. My interest in Feldenkrais training increases as I see the growth and work that Valerie is learning through her classes.

Anat’s teaching was beautiful to watch. Her movements graceful, present, and aware. I was able to speak to several students in the class and everyone had only good things to say about Anat, her work, and her classes. Many assured me I would be able to integrate Feldenkrais work with my current bodywork immediately. While I enjoy massage, I want to be able to facilitate more change and learning with my work.

Watching the class, I could see how this Method would be a great help with Aikido students. One of my goals for the past several years has been to help my fellow aikidoka to be more flexible and move more freely. We work on making movements without ‘muscling’ and I saw several examples of how this was possible in the work Anat is teaching.

I’m even more excited about this training after visiting this class. Since the classes are in nine day segments, it will only require a week off every few months. I will be able to continue with my regular work while attending classes.

Wish me luck on this journey.

Feldenkrais training in my future?

Valerie is finishing her third year of Feldenkrais training this week. The more I see of the work she’s learning the more excited I am about it. I’ve been doing bodywork for the past 15 years, longer than I’ve been working on the web. I enjoy the combination of work, massage helps keep me grounded in my body, while design/computer work gives me interesting problems to solve mentally.

The definition of Feldenkrais seems to change depending on who and when you ask, but it seem to me to that it helps people learn new easier ways to move. I think it would improve my Aikido, enhance my bodywork practice, and give me new tools to use.

Does anyone reading this have any experience/comments on the Anat Baniel Method? Her training is one that I’m considering.

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