windows cannot be installed to this disk mbr partition error

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I had to replace my motherboard and after putting all the part in place, tried to repair windows 7 from the installation disk. It wouldn’t work. I kept getting an error about the disk already containing a master boot record. I tried a clean install which also didn’t work. Really glad about that, since the repair did work after following instructions from

I’m hoping that my easy fix will help some others who are Googling for answers.

When I dropped my Win7 disk into my Sony optical drive and re-booted, I had no way of knowing that the BIOS set up a second drive labeled “UEFI Sony Optical”. All I knew was when I reached the disk choice option I couldn’t install Windows.

During one of the re-boots, I realized that my boot order had changed. I saw “UEFI Sony Optical”, so I went into the CD-DVD Drive options and now saw “Sony Optical”, listed just under “UEFI Sony Optical”. All I did was change the drive in the #1 Boot Order field to “Sony Optical”, hit F10 to “Save and Reboot”.

This time when I hit the “choose disk to install windows” screen, there were no error messages, and I could install Windows on any of my drives, just as I had done for years.

I don’t know if everyone’s fix for the issue would be the same as mine. But it’s sure worth a try. Just make sure that you are not trying to run your Windows disk from any optical drive that says “UEFI”.

I hope this helps some one out there!

Thanks Hameister! You probably saved me days of work.

I was able to change motherboards and went from AMD to Intel with just a windows repair and adding the new drivers. So cool!!

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